This Cat Thought She Was Being Sneaky, But In Reality? Wow, Just Wow.

Cats like to think they”re subtle. They slink, stalk, and creep around. In reality, cats are anything but subtle.

However, they”re also just too cute, so we let them get away with pretty much anything. Even Maeby, a sleeping husky, felt this way when her feline pal, Farina, decided that she looked like a comfortable place for a snooze. Their interaction was beyond priceless.

“Hmm. That looks like the perfect place for a snooze.”

“If I go realllllllly slowly, maybe I won”t be spotted…”

"If I go realllllllly slowly, maybe I won

Maeby was a good sport about the whole thing, and seemed to welcome being used as a pillow by Farina. It”s adorable how they get along!

“OH MAN. It”s so, so soft.



(source YouTube)

Farina was even polite enough to give Maeby a little massage before settling in–in the form of the kneading cats do before turning in.

Here”s to cats who think they”re subtle, and to dogs who let them.