This Cat Mom Adopted Some Spiky Babies As Her Own, And It’s Adorable

When four baby hedgehogs were left without a mother, it seemed like their fate was set, and it wasn’t bright. But lucky for them, Sonya, a loving, orange tabby cat, was there to help them thrive. It may seem like a strange thing to combine a soft and cuddly mom with a handful of spiny babies…

But it’s actually perfect.

Sonya has one kitten of her own already…

But she happily took on the additional responsibility!

These pokey little guys are cuddlier than you’d think, too!

Just look at how cozy the whole family is at nap time.

Clearly Sonya is a wonderful mom.

(Though she’s bound to have her moments, as any mother is.)

These cuddles might be the sweetest ones I’ve ever seen.

Look at this little baby, happy as can be!

Just one big family, is all!

When it’s nursing time, these babies are even more adorable!


(via Katrai, Huffington Post)

It’s always incredible to see one animal take in another in its time of need. These four little babies are living a life they almost never had thanks to the softest mom any hedgehog has ever seen. And when you put it that way…they really came out on top here!