This Cat Has The Most Annoying Wannabe Friend Ever, And It’s Hilariously Cute

Cute, unexpected animal friendships have become somewhat common these days — ironically. Cats and dogs snoozing in perfect harmony, pigs and ducklings enjoying a little snack together, birds feeding dogs we just can”t get enough of it!

But what might be even better is if we bring it back to the basics go old school with the animal relationships. This cat has HAD IT with this bird”s attempts at friendship, and it”s better than any snuggle session I”ve seen lately.

“…Oh. My. God.”

“Leave. Me. ALONE.”

(source Vendunar)

One look at that cat”s face and you know he”s about to snap.

Yes, I want to see more of this. Cute is out…annoyed is in!