This Bride Made An Unusual And Heartwarming Choice For Her Flower Girl.

While planning a wedding, there are many important decisions to make and roles to fill. When it comes to flower girl, the honor typically goes to an adorable young girl who can toddle her way down the aisle with the basket. This can often lead to hilarious family stories when she dumps them all out at once, gets stage fright or maybe delicately places each petal on the ground as she makes her way down.

But none of those are the reason people can”t stop talking about Michigan-native Laura VanPelt”s heartwarming ceremony. Instead of a precocious youngster, she chose to have her grandma fill the flower girl”s shoes.

At 94 years-old, Helen Kavanagh thought her granddaughter was joking when she asked her to do the honors, but couldn”t be more thrilled to take on the role when she realized she meant it. Decked out in a delightful dress they chose together, Helen followed the wedding party and performed her duties beautifully.

When discussing it with her local newspaper, she says that sometimes people don”t believe her when she tells them about her granddaughter”s special day. That doesn”t matter to their family and friends, though, who will always have the sweet memory to cherish.

Along with the flower fun, Helen is quite the baker and provided 200 truffles and pans of other delicious desserts for the guests to enjoy.

(via mlive)