This Brave House Cat Doesn’t Care At All About This Mountain Lion

How would you react if a wild animal walked itself right up to your door? Well, if you”re anything like this pet cat, you”d probably just shrug it off.

The unflustered feline”s human family was a bit more impressed when they saw the big cat come by their home.

“More like meh lion, if you ask me.”

(source MabeInAmerica)

I love how the man recording the hilarious meeting of meows used it as an opportunity to prank his wife by saying the kids were outside with the mountain lion. She might not forgive him for that heart-attack-inducing joke anytime soon, but the video remains priceless.

It”s anyone”s guess if the little cat would have been so brave without the thick glass between them, but there”s no need to test that theory. I”m sure he scared the big guy off for good, anyway.

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