This Artist Transforms Humans Into Animals Using Nothing But Body Paint

Using the human body as a canvas allows an artist the freedom to express things in unexpected ways ways we otherwise might not find possible. This is exactly what artist Shannon Holt hoped to achieve with her recent work.

Holt uses body paint to inscribe images of animals on human skin. The effect is so stunning that you”ll find it hard to see the actual (human) canvases.

(via Bored Panda)

When looking at these works, I found myself wondering where the person actually was. The paintings are so descriptive and transforming that I lost track.

I bet Shannon would be glad to hear my struggle. Her love for this medium is conveyed in a manner that”s almost as artistic as her works. “You hear a song once live, ” she explains. “You have that one beautiful experience and then you have the remembrance of it with a recording. Body painting is the same. Its probably the closest art form to music there is.” How right you are, Shannon.