This Airline Went Above And Beyond To Make Their Passengers Feel Welcome

Taking a plane can be emotionally taxing when traveling alone. Travelers often leave loved ones behind or travel to be with people they haven”t seen in a while. Experiencing an airport can be equally draining.

That”s why Dutch airline KLM recently created “The Cover Greetings,” a fantastic campaign to make traveling passengers feel loved. The airline collaborated with Amsterdam”s Schiphol airport for their heartwarming campaign. KLM allows friends and family members of passengers to write special messages to their loved ones. KLM employees hurry to the flight ahead of time and attach the messages to the headrest of each person”s assigned seat. The passengers then have a surprising note to read as they board the plane.

(Source: KLM)

What an awesome yet simple way of brightening someone”s day. This will certainly help people feel less sad about leaving loved ones behind.