This Adorably Sleepy Dog Will Make You NEED A Nap In 5 Seconds Flat

When your alarm clock goes off in the morning, are you the type of person who bounds out of bed and starts the day with maybe a few exercises and a perfectly balanced meal?

If you answered yes, what kind of monster are you? Just kidding, of course (…mostly). For the rest of us, the alarm only makes us feel like this adorable German Shepherd who just can”t seem to keep his eyes open. But that doesn”t stop him from trying.

“What? Yeah, that commercial was funny…ha…ha…”

“Is the game still on? Who won?”

“Ugh, whatever, I give up!”

Watch the full struggle against sleep here:

(via SamShepherdBlog)

Poor guy. You go ahead and sleep all you want! We won”t judge. We”ll just be really jealous.