This Adorable Baby Lemur Is SO Teeny And SO Sleepy, And It’s Too Sweet

The San Diego Zoo welcomed a new baby lemur to their facility”s family last month, but the little sweetpea was having problems getting enough nutrition. Crews noticed her looking weak and decided to bring her inside for around-the-clock care.

She now spends most of her time sleeping in the nursery, but every two hours they wake her up for a nice meal. The bottle feedings help her gain strength, but they are also the perfect opportunity to capture how adorable she is!

She”s so teeny!


Noms make her a little sleepy.

Noms make her a little sleepy.

Watch the whole video here for all the cuteness:

(source San Diego Zoo)

If this precious critter can”t put a big smile on your face, nothing will. Hopefully she”ll be strong enough to rejoin the rest of the lemurs soon. You can keep track of her progress over on the zoo”s website and Facebook.

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