This 911 Operator Answered A Call And Saved More Lives Than She Ever Expected

As a 911 emergency operator, Shauna Rogers is often the first step in saving someone’s life. On this very special occasion, though, she was able to save more than one life…and stay with them through their journey.

When she got the call on a Saturday from a man who had found a box full of small kittens, she knew Animal Services wouldn’t be on duty. Hearing their cries in the background of the call, she also knew they were very young and very much in need of some extra help.

Although her job usually ends when the caller hangs up, Rogers decided to contact the officer who was sent to retrieve the little guys…

Your heart will skip a beat when you see the tiny things:


(via Huffington Post)

Thank goodness their story didn’t end with the careless humans who abandoned the youngsters. It’s heartbreaking to know someone could be so cruel to their sweet faces, but uplifting to know they are better off now.