Think You’re Obsessed With Your Phone? Wait Til You See What This Kid Did For His.

While on a fishing trip with his friends, a German teen dropped his smartphone into the pond where he and his pals were trying to catch a scaley trophy. When the boy realized his prized possession was submerged, he jumped into idiot teen thinking mode and made a rash decision.

If it wasn”t obvious… he decided to try and drain the pond.

Though he came up with the plan quickly, putting it into action was more drawn out. Later that night, he returned to the pond with two powerful pumps. Knowing that the water had to go somewhere, he directed the pumps so that it would dump into a nearby toilet. What the teen failed to realize, however, is that the toilet was not connected to anything.

Despite pumping enough water to flood and severely damage the bathroom, the teen did not find his smartphone. If that sounds like a tough break, brace yourself for this: in addition to a new cell, hell also be paying for the pond to be refilled and the bathroom to be renovated. Whoops.

(via Metro)

The next time he is hanging out by a body of water, hopefully he”ll leave his phone at home. Share his awesome act of idiocy by clicking below.