They Thought They Were Getting A Picture With A Wax Statue, But They Had No Idea

Wax statues are created to look as close to their real counterparts as possible. These amazing creations are supposed to trick your mind into believing that you are actually standing next to a real celebrity. However, one (irrational) fear of many wax museum visitors is that the wax statues might come to life. There have been many horror films and episodes of scary TV shows about this fear, which doesn”t make it any better for timid museum goers.

With this in mind, find out what happens when a real-life celebrity goes undercover as a wax statue to prank the guests of a famous wax museum. Everyone”s initial reaction is truly out of this world.

(via YouTube / Arnold Schwarzenegger)

I don”t think those people…will be back. That”s a joke I think Arnold can appreciate. I hope my bosses can, too. I don”t want to get…TERMINATED!

I can do this all day, folks.

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