They Climbed A Mountain Near Their City And Saw Something Breathtaking From The Top

Although plenty of people love the climb, what’s often most satisfying about hiking up mountains is the view from the top.

Just ask the people of Cairo. When hikers scale Mokattam Mountain, they’re greeted with a stunning surprise. Called “Perception,” this public display of creativity by artist eL Seed completely changes people’s minds about the beauty of street art and encourages them to reevaluate the important role of the Zaraeeb community.

Before beginning work on this ambitious project, eL Seed scoured the Manshiyat Naser neighborhood, which is a section of Cairo that rests in the shadow of Mokattam Mountain, for the perfect canvas.

That came in the form of this cluster of buildings, and the finished product ended up spreading across 50 edifices in the Egyptian city.

Once everything was mapped out on paper, it was time to bring “Perception” to life.

“In my new project,” he said of the endeavor, “I am questioning the level of judgment and misconception society can unconsciously have upon a community based on their differences.” While many view the neighborhood as being dirty and marred by marginalization, the artist points out that members of this community have come together to reach outstanding goals, particularly in the realm of environmental consciousness.

With some much-needed help from local volunteers, he constructed an anamorphic piece that can only be seen as eL Seed intended from a certain angle atop the mountain.

By quite literally changing people’s perspective on Manshiyat Naser, he hopes that the same thing will occur on a more conceptual level. The Coptic community of Zaraeeb has revolutionized recycling in the region, and their efforts often go unrecognized.

Working in a style that he calls calligraffiti, he delivers an important message to observers: “Anyone who wants to see the sunlight clearly needs to wipe his eyes first.”

Single shots of “Perception” from the ground appear disjointed.

But as you scale the mountain, the picture comes into focus.

The cohesion of this impressive project becomes more apparent with every step.

According to eL Seed, creating this piece was a triumph of the human experience. Through art, he is able to honor the legacy of the Coptic people who work tirelessly to improve life for everyone in this storied city.

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