These Two Little Girls Are More Fearless Than I’ll Ever Be

Snowboarding is known as an “extreme sport.” Extreme sports are usually seen as riskier and more dangerous than safer sports like football (where players are getting concussions so much that there has been radical reform), baseball (where players get hit in the head and body with balls traveling over 90 mph), and soccer (which is actually pretty safe unless you count hurting yourself when you flop over to fake an injury).

In any case, these two little girls aren”t afraid of the high-impact nature of snowboarding. In fact, they live for it.

(via YouTube)

They look like they”re having a ton of fun. Maybe it”s time for me to hit the slopes! Let me just get up out of my chair here…and…yep, I just hurt my back. I”ll just have to admire snowboarders from afar, I suppose.

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