These Trespassing Baby Pigeons Would Have Died If It Weren’t For These Kind Souls

As we”ve seen before, pigeons make terrible roommates. That”s why when a pigeon family set up a nest in the back of a storage room, the owners of the room opted to issue an eviction notice to the feathery squatters by sealing it off.

This would have meant certain death for the two baby pigeons living in there, as the parents wouldn”t have been able to get in to feed them. There was no danger of these two going hungry, however, because before starting any work, the owners were kind enough to call Simon from the Wildlife Aid Foundation, who swiftly rescued the two babies.

(source Wildlife Aid)

The owners definitely did the right thing by calling Simon and his team, which gave the squabs a chance at life. The two siblings will now stay at Wildlife Aid HQ until they are ready for release. Thanks, Simon and friends!

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