These Sweet Joeys Are Adorable, But Their Story Is A Tearjerking One

Meet Chris “Brolga” Barns and his extended family of baby kangaroos (also known as joeys). Barns runs a sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia, where he cares for orphaned kangaroos. Most of these babies became orphaned when their mothers were struck and killed by cars. Barns says he finds babies on the side of the road, often still in their mothers” pouches.

Pouch time!

In 2011, Barns completed building his own wildlife sanctuary, The Kangaroo Sanctuary. Today, 28 kangaroos and one camel call the sanctuary home. Barns” love for “roos, however, goes back much further. In 1989, Barns was 17 and working as a zookeeper when he realized how much he enjoyed spending time with a kangaroo joey named, appropriately, Josie Jo. The experience made him realize that kangaroos were his calling.

“All I wanted to do in life was be the best “kangaroo mum,”” he says.

We think he”s doing pretty well on the mum front.

We think he

Since 2011, Barns and his kangaroos have been featured on several nature specials. He even has his own show, Kangaroo Dundee, on BBC Two.

And now, what you”ve really come for: adorable baby kangaroos cuddling!

And now, what you

If you would like to know more about the sanctuary, or to just look at more adorable photos, be sure to visit their website and connect via Facebook. You can also give a donation to help some joeys in need.