These Strangers Met For The First Time And Were Blown Away By What They Saw

Have you ever met your double? You could be walking down the street, shopping at a local store, or even on vacation in a far-off land, when you suddenly turn around and find yourself face-to-face with…yourself?

Such a thing can happen. The people seen below all got to meet their doubles, and they luckily had a camera to capture the evidence. Since these people found their doppelgangers, it”s likely that your double is out and about right now!

This Redditor”s friend found her double at a party. They discovered they even love the same accessories.

We don”t know how similar they”d look without the beards, but their beards are at least related.

To be fair, beards make the doubling thing a bit easier. Then again, taste in baby-blue bandannas is a little less common.

Their (separate groups of) friends thought the resemblance was uncanny.

These twinsies met at an IKEA, so they probably have the same taste in end tables, too.

Doppelgangers also transcend ethnicity…

…As well as age and gender.

These strangers met in a bar bathroom, and they were aware that meeting your double is considered an omen of impending death.

You can meet your double walking down the street, like these two did.

Or you might have worked with them for a while.

Sometimes, you don”t get to meet your double in person, but you do get the nagging knowledge that your double is living a better life than you are.

This guy not only ran into his double, but also made a face-swap image to show their uncanny resemblance. The one on the left is the original…he thinks.

What”s the explanation for all this? Are these people long-lost relatives? Has there been a rip in the fabric of space-time? Are humans just kind of all generic? We”re assuming it”s the last, since it seems that all these doppelganger encounters resulted in a good time had by all. As far as we know, there were no fights to the death. Yet.