These Silly Penguins Are Confronted With A Very Troubling Dilemma…Who Knew?!

When you think of penguins, what are some of the first words that come to mind?

For me, I get ice, snow, and water, just as a quick free association off the top of my head. Given those words, it”s a bit surprising to find out that, sometimes, penguins can be picky about keeping dry just like you or me.

Despite their waterproof feet, these two weirdos are being stubborn about keeping those little webbed toes of theirs dry, and they”re very vocal about the severity of the situation…

“Shoot, guess we”re stuck here forever.”

"Shoot, guess we

Watch what happens next…TOO. FUNNY.

(source Chris Cohen)

I will be watching this daily for the next week or so as a little dose of happy…it is just way too hilarious! Come on, guys, it”s just a little bit of water!

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