These Seven Castles In Europe Are Absolutely Beautiful…And You Can Buy One

We”re all kings and queens of our respective abodes. But how many of us live in actual castles?

Unfortunately, I certainly don”t. And while it”s easy for me to imagine the sound of someone ringing my doorbell is the sound of trumpets heralding that person”s entrance into my royal environs, I”m also afraid that fantasy could give way to delusions and I would suddenly start holding knightly tournaments in my living room (and you need a special permit for events like that and there”s so much paperwork it would be too much of a hassle).

But, if you”ve got the scratch, you can buy yourself one of these everyday gigantic castles:

1. Can Amat, Cabrils, Spain.

Can Amat, Cabrils, Spain.

2. Sham Castle, Shrewsbury, England.

Sham Castle, Shrewsbury, England.

3. Impruneta Castle, Florence, Italy.

Impruneta Castle, Florence, Italy.

4. Villa, Stresa, Italy.

Villa, Stresa, Italy.

5. Craigcrook Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Craigcrook Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland.

6. The Stone Tower, Warwickshire, England.

The Stone Tower, Warwickshire, England.

7. Chateau de Bussiere, Loches, France.

Chateau de Bussiere, Loches, France.


Not kidding, these castles are actually listed like any other property. Who knows? Maybe some day I”ll gather up enough dough to stay in one of these castles for a day or two. A guy can dream.