These Performers Transform Balloons Into Sculptures, But Not Just For Kids.

Fall is the time for pumpkins and turkeys, but it if you”re like the people of Albuquerque, you”ll want to celebrate the time of harvest in a more classically festive fashion. Oh, you don”t know how they celebrate? They twist balloons.

No, seriously. Is there a better way to celebrate life and everything else than silly balloon sculptures? Yeah, I didn”t think so!

1. Buzz Lightyear”s Space Suit.

Buzz Lightyear

2. Mario.


3. Yoda.


4. Nibbler.


5. Zoidberg.


6. Yoshi.


7. The Swedish Chef.

The Swedish Chef.

8. Link


9. The Avengers.

The Avengers.

10. Dragon.


11. Dinosaur Skeleton.

Dinosaur Skeleton.

12. Giant Robot.

Giant Robot.

13. Giant Spider. GIANT!

Giant Spider. GIANT!

14. Titanic.


15. Ned Stark And The Iron Throne.

Ned Stark And The Iron Throne.

16. Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime.

The best part about seeing ballooning sculptures in pictures on the Internet is that you don”t have to be around for when they inevitably pop. You can look at all these guys forever. Hooray!