These People Went All Out To Take The Best Timed Roller Coaster Pictures Ever.

When certain daredevils ride roller coasters, they get an anxious thought 1/3 of the way through the ride: “What am I gonna do for the picture!?” They start to feel pressured, and sometimes give up and let the opportunity pass by. Or maybe they decide to give something a try to get an epic roller coaster picture, but it falls flat. Getting an amazing roller coaster picture takes preparation and planning. This isn”t child”s play, after all; this is an art form.

“It”s the circle of life, and it…AAHHARRHHRG!!!”


“Watch your “bows, bro!”

"Watch your

“More champagne, Jeeves. I can only tolerate Milton”s self-aggrandizing while I”m absolutely soused.”

"More champagne, Jeeves. I can only tolerate Milton

“We might as well do something useful while we have some time on our hands.”

“We”re not out of the woods yet, boy! Heeyaw!”


“Never ride roller coasters on an empty stomach.”

“We”re at match point for this years International Roller Coaster Ping-Pong Championship. The tension is palpable.”


“You can beat him, kid. Just watch out for his right hook and for the incline before the last drop on the ride.”

“What do you mean, you feel nauseous?”


These people nailed it. All you need is a bit of creativity and impeccable timing. Remember: Those who become great at roller coaster photos are the ones who decide to be great.