These People Had ONE Job…And Still Found 20 New Hysterical Ways To Fail

Everyone makes mistakes. Even the most attentive people forget a small detail every once in a while. However, when a person only has ONE job and fails at it miserably, it”s truly hard to understand how they went wrong.

…though it sure is hilarious.

1. Seriously, just ONE job.

Seriously, just ONE job.

2. I know it”s all the same parts…but this looks weird.

I know it

3. I doubt they had THAT in 1920.

I doubt they had THAT in 1920.

4. There”s something to be said about recycling, I suppose.


5. Sigh…


6. In what world ISN”T this funny?

In what world ISN

7. Yup, that”s a mistake.

Yup, that

8. Amazingly…easy.


9. That”s unfortunate.


10. Someone”s getting fired.


11. One job, guys. One job.

One job, guys. One job.

12. Let”s count them…


13. FACT.


14. Crushing kids” birthday dreams, one cupcake at a time.

Crushing kids

15. I”m betting he”s not a vegetarian.


16. I”d like to buy a vowel. “E” for $500?


17. Julia, Anna…same difference.

Julia, Anna...same difference.

18. Spell check, people!

Spell check, people!

19. That”s quite a deal.


20. That makes a lot of sense.

That makes a lot of sense.

(via eBaum”s World)

It”s impressive how badly some people can fail at their ONE and only job. Thank goodness we”re here to help document these fails. I”m sure a hardworking person such as yourself needed this laugh!