These Clever Pictures Will Make You Think Twice About Items You Probably Use Daily

You consciously know that the items you use every day — your coffeepot, your cell phone, your shoes — are inanimate. However, you might sometimes find yourself imbuing them with a personality.

That”s exactly what photographer and animator ErAn Croitoru does in his artwork. He takes items you see every day and imagines what the world would be like if those objects had a day to themselves.

Cameras on Vacation

<i>Cameras on Vacation</i>

I Think it”s Number 2…

<i>I Think it

Croitoru works on commercials and kids” shows by day. This project allows him to combine his skills with photography and animation. The idea for these animated inanimate objects came when he was photographing the city of Tel-Aviv. He explains that the city itself suddenly seemed to come alive, and he became fascinated with imagining the consciousnesses of objects.

Break Free

<i>Break Free</i>

Food Fight!

<i>Food Fight!</i>

The Otherside

<i>The Otherside</i>

Croitoru creates his images by first imagining what a certain object might want to do. Would a camera like to have its picture taken for a change? Would a hammer go on a rampage in a city of nails? Would a power tower want to break out of the confines of its wires?

Once Croitoru has the idea, he sets up the shot. He prefers to do as much as he can without editing software, as he feels it gives the image a more realistic, immediate look. He props up items with glue and cardboard. After the shot is complete, he uses software to clean up the image and, if needed, add special effects.

Watch Out!

<i>Watch Out!</i>

Arms and legs, like the ones seen here, are added in with editing software.

The End

<i>The End</i>

Kids (all they want is some coffee)

<i>Kids (all they want is some coffee)</i>

She Loves Me!! (not?)

<i>She Loves Me!! (not?)</i>

Each photo comes with its own unique complications. However, Croitoru says that coming up with creative solutions to all kinds of issues is the best part of his work.

For Attack on Nail City, Croitoru created a miniature city out of tools.

For <em>Attack on Nail City</em>, Croitoru created a miniature city out of tools.

You can see how he created the city in this video.

Here”s a making-of video for Save the King!, which uses a chess set and LEGO pieces.

And here”s the finished product!

And here

(via BoredPanda, Photography Blogger)

With these images, Croitoru hopes that viewers will see the unexpected and overlooked beauty and personality in the items that we often take for granted. You can see more of his work on his website, as well as on Facebook. And if you”d like a print of your own, you can get one on Croitoru”s Etsy shop.