These Awesome Recipes Prove That Pancake Mix Isn’t Just For Pancakes Anymore

Pancakes. *Sigh* They”re a sweet, fluffy, delicious breakfast that serves as the cherry on top of our weekends.

But, I have to confess, sometimes pancakes can get a little boring. Now, before anyone goes up in arms over this, I”m not saying that they”re boring. What I”m saying is that sometimes you get the urge to mix it up a little bit. And sure, while the boxes have other suggested recipes, has anyone ever really branched out?

Aside from the obvious waffle or muffin alternative, there are so many cool and different ways to use pancake mix. If you”ve got some extra mix laying around, these recipes are a great way to break out of your plain cake routine.

After you watch this video, you”ll either be salivating, or halfway through the first recipe.

(source Youtube)

While pancakes will always hold a special place in my heart, these look super delicious. Excuse me while I go stock up on some more mix and make all of these.