These Animal Selfies Are Better Than Your Profile Picture And You Know It!

Everybody takes selfies. It”s not even a new phenomenon. All those renowned artists of yesteryear who painted self-portraits? Selfies (that took a while to make). Selfies are as old as photography, with the first photo selfie dated at 1839.

And you know what? We”re still mostly terrible at them.

Thankfully, we have our friends in the animal kingdom to learn from, and we”ve compiled a collection for study. Based on how you want to portray yourself on social media, these critters are here to show you how to get the desired effect. And not one of them is doing the duck face! Take note–you know who you are.

1. The “Athletic and Outdoorsy” Selfie


2. The “I Want You to Take Me Seriously but Still Think I”m Sexy” Selfie

The "I Want You to Take Me Seriously but Still Think I

If sexy is your goal, this one”s common with the menfolk…

3. The “Playfully Sexy” Selfie


…while this one is popular with the ladies.

4. The “Humorous Fisheye” Selfie


5. The “This Doubles as my LinkedIn Profile Pic” Selfie


6. The “Cute in a Quirky Way” Selfie


7. The “Buddy” Selfie


(Can we talk about how much the dog on the left looks JUST LIKE A PERSON?)

8. The “Photobombing Formal Events” Selfie


9. The “Girls” Night” Selfie

The "Girls


10. The “Found Footage Horror Movie” Selfie


11. The “Long Distance Relationship” Selfie


(Requires two)

12. The “Meme Reference” Seflie


13. The “Intentionally Bad” Selfie


All photo credits to the critters, of course. Now if you”ll excuse me, I have to go practice my selfie game.