These 27 Men Faced Unimaginable Horrors. And They Want You to Know.

Each and every man on this list were sexually assaulted. 27 men, most of them children at the time, were forced into sexual acts that they never wanted. Here, they describe what happened or what was said to them. When you read the signs they made for Project Unbreakable, you”ll be ill.

“C”mon… Nobody has to know…”


“Shhhh…. I”m just checking on you.”

"Shhhh.... I

“I want to show you how much I care.”

“Men can”t get raped.”

"Men can

“It”s okay… all brothers do this… it”s called practicing.”


“You”re my special boy.”


“Be a man and just do it.”

“You can”t tell to your mom and dad, okay?”

"You can

“I want you to stick up for yourself.”

“I thought you wouldn”t remember any of that.”

"I thought you wouldn

“Stop whining. And if you tell anyone, I will kill your mother.”

“You”re a guy, you can”t say no to a girl like me.”


“Hey, wanna have some fun?”

“Man up.”

“I”ll kill your sisters.”


“You”re trans? Oh, no, don”t do that to yourself. Don”t do that to your body. No one wants a tranny.”


“If you tell anyone you will be kicked out of the school.”

“You don”t know what you do to me.”

"You don

“I wish you were a girl.”

“Don”t worry, boys are supposed to like this.”


“It”s all about being unembarrassed and unashamed.”


He laughed while I cried.

He laughed while I cried.

“If you tell your parents, we will beat you up.”

“Be a good girl. Don”t say anything. Okay?”

"Be a good girl. Don

“Just because you don”t remember it, doesn”t mean you didn”t enjoy it.”

"Just because you don

“We don”t have to hook up… let me just get you another drink.”

"We don

“If you tell anyone, I”ll kill you.”

"If you tell anyone, I


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