These 21 Statues Are Supposed To Look Like Celebrities, But Ended Up Like This

One of the highest honors we can bestow upon a person is sculpting a statue in their likeness. It represents the idea that, even though these great people will no longer be with us one day, their work will remain on Earth and in our hearts forever.

But some statues are so bad that celebrities may prefer to be forgotten instead of looking to future generations like a bridge troll turned to stone.

Here are some of the all-time worst statues of celebrities. They just might ruin your image of them forever.

“Andy Murray”

This tennis star may have been the youngest Briton to play in the Davis Cup, but this statue of him makes him look a billion years old (and not just because of that ancient Chinese armor, either). He doesn”t look pleased.

“Colin Firth”

Ah, the exposed nipples that sunk a thousand canoes…

“Elvis Presley”

Either the King lost his shades, or he just smoked a ton of weed.

“Johnny Depp”

Not many people know this, but Johnny Depp once looked dead.

“William Shakespeare”

And Shakespeare was a Na”vi from Pandora.

“Salvador Dali”

Honestly though, even when Salvador Dali was alive, he looked like a creepy version of himself.

“Winston Churchill”

This is not, as it appears to be, a sculpture of Sopranos actor James Gandolfini.


Americans may not know who Ronaldo is, but despite what this statue depicts, he”s a human being and not a stone golem.

“Jane Austen”

Pretty sure this is just Keanu Reeves in a bonnet.

“Princess Diana”

If you ever wanted to know what The Thing from Fantastic 4 would look like as a princess, here you go.

“Princess Diana” (again)

She only died like 18 years ago. Did we already forget what she looked like?

“Oscar Wilde”

Ah, The Picture of a Dying Gray Puddle Man..a wonderful read.

“Benedict Cumberbatch”

You can never have too much chocolate, but did they have to put so much of it in the guy”s neck and forehead?

“Lucille Ball”

When the medicine you”re drinking is actually nuclear sludge that gives you a mutant face…

“Julia Roberts”

This is a statue of a pretty woman. The only problem it that looks doesn”t look anything like the actual Pretty Woman star.

“Michael Jackson”

Never has the King of Pop looked as unwilling to dance as he does here. (They nailed his nose though, for obvious reasons.)

“Jennifer Lopez”

Seems like someone used this wax Jenny”s face as a candle for a couple seconds first.

“Jerry Seinfeld”

It looks like someone couldn”t quite get his Seinfeld mask on straight.

“Johann Strauss”

Apparently the sculptor ran out of bronze before he could finish the composer”s signature beard.

“Agatha Christie”

Why the artist decided to depict Agatha Christie smelling her own fart is the greatest mystery of all.

“Tiger Woods”

All that time out in the sun isn”t helping Tiger”s skin at all, I guess.

“The Beatles”

The legendary story of four androids disguised as four boys from Liverpool.

Hopefully in a few years they”ll update some of these statues to be more accurate (or at least a little more flattering). After all, it”d be a shame if people looked back a hundred years from now only to confuse Elvis Presley with an elderly East Asian woman.