These 21 Animals Are Way Tougher Than You Think They Are, Got It?

Animals are more than just an adorable face. In fact, some of your very own precious pooches and kitties could probably take you down in a fight… Or at least have the bravado to think they can.

Even when they”re trying to look big and bad, these cuties can”t hide how sweet they really are. Just don”t tell them we said that…

1. He”s r-r-ruff and ready.


2. “Did I say you could stop petting me?”

3. “We will mess. you. UP.”

4. “That”s right. Keep walking.”


5. “Let me at “em!”

"Let me at

6. He”s activated his laser beam defenses.


7. He”s planning a special air-drop delivery for you later.


8. “What”re you lookin” at?”


9. “I can sits if I fits, you got it?”

10. “Excuuuuuse me?”

11. “Go ahead. Try something. “

12. “Did I say you could take my picture? I didn”t think so.”

"Did I say you could take my picture? I didn

13. “I… hate… this…”

14. “Call me cute again. I dare you.”

15. “I”m gonna claw your eye out the next time I hear that lip.”


16. “Oh you think I”m funny? Am I here to AMUSE you?”

"Oh you think I

17. “WHO do you think you are?”

18. “You should consider a career in stand-up because you have got to be kidding me.”

19. “Ever hear of knocking?”

20. She”s hardcore even asleep.


21. Least convincing tough guy ever.

Least convincing tough guy ever.

If they”re this cute when they”re mad, just think how much cuter they are when they”re happy.