These 17 Cleverly Simple Ways To Creep Out Your Neighbors Are GENIUS.

Halloween is my favorite time of year. I live to decorate, to scare, and to see friends scream like little kids. I always who come up with the most unique way of doing it, too. This year, though, I decided to do simple decorations. Not only are these ideas creepy, but they”re easy to set up, too.

So sit back, relax and prepare to be haunted.

(Just make sure to click the link below for directions on each item.)

1. Murder scene.

Murder scene.

2. Vampire pumpkins.

Vampire pumpkins.

3. Puking pumpkins.

Puking pumpkins.

4. Spider egg.

Spider egg.

5. Head in a jar.

Head in a jar.

6. Meaty head.

Meaty head.

7. Tape ghosts.

Tape ghosts.

8. Crazy tentacles.

Crazy tentacles.

9. Bodies on a budget.

Bodies on a budget.

10. Spooky silhouettes.

Spooky silhouettes.

11. Drink time cooler.

Drink time cooler.

12. G Rated mice.

G Rated mice.

13. Scary eyes.

Scary eyes.

14. Haunting candles.

Haunting candles.

15. “We must protect this house!”

16. Ghostly porcelain.

Ghostly porcelain.

17. Wireframe ghost.

Wireframe ghost.

(via io9)

I think I”ll stash the murder scene idea away for a random day in January. That should make for a really nice freak out from the roommate, not to mention a great video for all to see.