These 17 Animals Are So Surprised That They’re In Absolute AWE

We live in a world full of new and exciting things. Around every corner, there”s something amazing to see, something that will take you by surprise or leave you in awe. Often, we”re so busy with our lives that we don”t stop to realize just how incredible things are. Thankfully, these furry guys haven”t been so jaded – see how they react to even the smallest thing!

1. “You mean, you WILL share your cheese with me?”

2. “Is that…roasted chicken flavored kibble?! That”s my faaavorite flaaavorrrr.”

"Is that...roasted chicken flavored kibble?! That

3. “WOW…the front seat is WAY better than the back.”

4. “Dude.” “Dude.” “Dude, I know.”


6. “This is the GREATEST TREAT EVER.”

7. “Woooww, great haircut.”

8. “You mean, you”ll take me out whenever I have to pee?”

"You mean, you

9. “Why did I only just now get into LOST? This is blowing my mind.”

10. “I never knew. There was a whole space behind the curtain. Amazing.”

11. “You”re trying to tell me that this was once a real animal. Now I know what my nightmare is going to be tonight…”


12. “Is that ice cream…?”

13. “I”m gonna need a bigger mouth.”


14. “No one asked me if I wanted to get another KITTEN.”

15. “I”ve been living here for five years, and I only just now found out that the living room lights have a DIMMER? What have I been doing with my life?”


16. “This is the best hand ever, are you kidding me? You”re totally gonna win this game!”

"This is the best hand ever, are you kidding me? You

17. “You”re staying here with me ALL DAY? SCORE.”


The world truly is a magical place, filled with wonderment around every bend! Thanks for reminding us, little guys!