These 12 Dogs Just Don’t Understand How Huge They Really Are

All puppies make for the perfect lap dogs. Until they grow up, that is. Then, only the smaller breeds end up comfortably sitting on your lap (without suffocating you). When some dogs get older, they forget just how big they”ve become, and the results are pretty hilarious.

1. “This is Lincoln, and he”s bigger than my wife.”

"This is Lincoln, and he

2. “See, I still fit.”

3. Hmm, that puppy isn”t looking too large…

Hmm, that puppy isn

4. “I really just needed a cuddle.”

5. Because Great Dane”s make grreeeaaatt lap dogs…

Because Great Dane

6. “I think I need a bigger bed.”

7. “Nap time is callin” my name!”

"Nap time is callin

8. You never forget your first home.

You never forget your first home.

9. What do you do when the lap isn”t big enough?

What do you do when the lap isn

10. Look at those paws!

Look at those paws!

11. That”s the biggest mop I”ve ever seen.


12. Beethoven, you”re a better musician than a lap dog.

Beethoven, you

(via Bored Panda)

Everyone thinks puppies are the cutest. Yet after seeing these grown up “puppies,” maybe it”s time we re-evaluate. These big guys are beyond cute.