These 11 Little Known Things Make March The Weirdest – But Maybe Best – Month

March sucks.

I say that as someone with a birthday in March, so you can believe me. March teases you with promises of spring, but it”s typically cold and windy. And the only holiday March is known for is St. Patrick”s Day, which, in my experience, only serves to see my city swarmed with drunk, green college kids. Yet there is good news: March doesn”t have to suck!

Check out these lesser-known holidays and get Marchin”!

1. March 4: National Grammar Day

March 4: National Grammar Day

Our copy editors weep with joy when this holiday rolls around. Celebrate by leaving properly written comments on all social media platforms.

2. March 6: Middle Name Pride Day

March 6: Middle Name Pride Day

What”s your middle name? This is the day you get to share it with everyone and tell the story of why you have it.

3. March 7: Genealogy Day

March 7: Genealogy Day

In keeping with the idea of Middle Name Day, Genealogy Day is all about getting in touch with where you come from. Dig out the old photos and tell some stories.

4. March 9: Fill Your Stapler Day

March 9: Fill Your Stapler Day

Nothing”s worse than an empty stapler, and nothing”s better than those fresh bars of staples. If you don”t have a stapler that needs filling, just watch Office Space.

5. March 14: Moth-er Day

March 14: Moth-er Day

March 14 is also Pi Day, where we celebrate 3.1415926. It”s extra-special this year because it”s 3/14/15. If you”re not into geometry, you can also celebrate all things moth today. Wear wool sweaters and check out awesome moth species.

6. March 16: No Selfies Day

March 16: No Selfies Day

This holiday is celebrated on the birthday of Philippe Kahn, who invented the cell phone camera. On this day, we refrain from duckfacing it up. Many will likely not have the willpower.

7. March 18: Forgive Your Parents Day

March 18: Forgive Your Parents Day

It”s also Awkward Moments Day, which fits in perfectly. On this day, try to cut the folks some slack.

8. March 20: The Vernal Equinox

March 20: The Vernal Equinox

It”s the first day of spring! After this day, the daylight hours will be longer than the nighttime ones. It will probably still snow again, though, so don”t be one of those people who puts all their winter stuff away and then complains, okay?

9. March 21: International Quilting Day

March 21: International Quilting Day

This year marks the 24th anniversary of this holiday, which seeks to unite quilters of all levels and ages around the world. If you quilt, you should check and see if there are any meetups near you.

10. March 25: Pecan Day

March 25: Pecan Day

Indulge in some nutty treats today. It”s also historical, commemorating the day in 1775 when George Washington planted the pecan trees given to him by Thomas Jefferson.

11. March 29: Earth Hour

March 29: Earth Hour

This is an hour, not a day, but it counts. At 8:30pm, your local time, turn off all your lights and electronics for an hour. The idea is to raise awareness about energy consumption and teach people how even a small sacrifice can have a huge impact. For extra fun, make it double as a candlelit dinner or indoor campout.

Bonus Holiday: March 19

That”s my birthday. I accept cash, checks, and expensive booze.