These 11 Gadgets For Your Desk Will Make Your Workday A Lot More Fun

Spending all day at your desk can get pretty boring and stressful. There are more and less productive ways to deal with these feelings. Some people listen to music or podcasts to get them through the day. For others, little gadgets on their desks make the workday a bit more bearable.

These gadgets range from being fun, to the downright goofy, to somewhat relaxing. However, they all go on to help make work seem less like work.

1. New Entertainment Desktop Basketball – Want to take a break from work? Why not shoot some hoops with your fingers?

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2. Henry Desk Vacuum – This adorable lil” guy will make cleaning your laptop not seem like such a chore.

<a href="">Henry Desk Vacuum </a> - This adorable lil

3. Fascinations USB Desktop Aquarium – This has everything you need and more. Having one of these little aquariums on your desk would be very relaxing during a stressful workday.

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4. Pyle PRT35I Retro Home Telephone with Charger – If you”re trying to class up your desk, go for one of these. This gadget charges and connects to your phone so you can use the old-timey telephone and dial.

<a href="">Pyle PRT35I Retro Home Telephone with Charger </a> - If you

5. 4 Liter AC/DC Portable Mini Fridge – If you”re in the middle of work but you need a snack or drink, you shouldn”t have to walk all the way to fridge. Get one of these babies and keep your food and drink fresh, cool, and convenient.

<a href="">4 Liter AC/DC Portable Mini Fridge</a> - If you

6. Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball – Work can be frustrating, and luckily we have little things like this desktop punching bag to help relieve frustration.

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7. Barbuzzo Battery-Operated Zamboni Desk Vacuum – A messy workspace makes for messy thinking. Keep your working space and head clear and clean with one of these fun zamboni vacuum cleaners.

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8. Mummy Mike Elastic Band Holder – This mummy rubber band holder may be a bit morbid, but it”s still more fun than keeping your rubber bands in a boring drawer.

 <a href="" target="_blank" data-skimlinks-orig-link="">Mummy Mike Elastic Band Holder</a> - This mummy rubber band holder may be a bit morbid, but it

9. ZeroSoil Mini Indoor Garden – Gardening can be a very relaxing and stress-relieving activity, so it only makes sense that you should have a little garden at your work desk. This one even waters itself!

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10. RICSB “The Butt” Office Supply Station Desk Accessory Holder – Anything that”s goofy or lighthearted can be a relief if you”re working in a dull and dreary office. This office supply holder is the perfect thing to put a smile on your face.

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11. FUUT – Who says you can”t chill out and relax at your desk? After hours of hard work, you deserve to put your feet up and take a quick break.

 <a href="" target="_blank" data-skimlinks-orig-link="">FUUT</a> - Who says you can


There”s nothing wrong with having fun at work, and these gifts all look like tons of fun. Now I want a FUUT!