The Monsters You Can Find In This Lake In Thailand Don’t Seem Physically Possible

Did you ever wish to go to Jurassic Park for real, only then to remember that raptors eat people and all that other unpleasant nonsense? Well, now you can indulge your desire to hang out with scaly, prehistoric-looking things of a slightly less threatening nature. The place is called Jurassic Lake, and it”s located in Thailand. Jurassic Lake is a popular fishing spot, namely because it has enormous, dinosaur-like fish.

Uh, guys? Maybe it”s time to get out of the water before the lightning starts?

One of the biggest of the big fish (and they”re all pretty big) is the arapaima, seen above. This fish can grow to be 15 feet long. It”s actually native to South America, where it faces overfishing, and has been introduced into other tropical areas like Thailand. Sometimes, in non-native areas, it”s considered an invasive species, meaning fishing them is okay for the environment.

(source Jurassic Fishing Thailand)

Many people throw these enormous fish back, but you can still eat them. They”re freshwater fish, and all freshwater fish can be eaten by humans. The fish in this lake, though, are purely for sport fishing, and are cultivated by the resort staff.

So if you”re looking to up your fishing ante, consider a trip to Thailand. You won”t be disappointed.