The Moment This Young Man Accepts His Diploma Will Bring You To Tears

Getting a college diploma is a very important step in the lives of many people. Not only is the ceremony one of grandeur, it is essential to have a college degree if you want to get a job in many fields. It can change your life personally and professionally. Above all else, the ceremony provides you with unforgettable moments.

Like this moment, for instance. Christopher Norton is a college football player who suffered a spinal cord injury on the field. Doctors said he may never walk again, but when it came time for him to accept his diploma, something miraculous happened.

(via barstoolsports)

Doctors initially gave him a 3 percent chance of ever moving below the neck again. He didn”t let that stop him. He kept pursuing his dream of walking across the stage to get his diploma, and with a little help from his fiancee, he did just that.

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