The Magical Forests Of Andy Kehoe Are Full Of Wonder And Mystery

If you look at the work of Pittsburgh-based artist Andy Kehoe, you may feel yourself transported into an ancient, primal forest. When you”re in this mythical forest, you”ll find it populated by masked, not-quite-human figures and strange, dreamlike spaces where it”s not really night or day.

Kehoe”s work features rich, jewel-like colors and sharp, silhouetted figures to create a mysterious and magical world. This world recalls ancient myths and fantastical beings, as well as spiritual guides and wise animals. The paintings, which are mainly oil on wood, feature tight, precise detail. You can also find areas of swirling, washy color that give them an atmosphere that”s at once earthly and astral. Though they have titles, the paintings don”t give the viewer much in the way of a story or explanation. Instead, it”s left to us to interpret the tales behind them.

Transdimensional Emissary

<i>Transdimensional Emissary</i>

Tree of Embers

<i>Tree of Embers</i>

A Placid Pause

<i>A Placid Pause</i>

Cathedral of the Forest Deep

<i>Cathedral of the Forest Deep</i>

Forest Fellowship

<i>Forest Fellowship</i>

Valley of the Ghoul

<i>Valley of the Ghoul</i>

Guardian of the Billowing Bluffs

<i>Guardian of the Billowing Bluffs</i>

Facing the Inferno

<i>Facing the Inferno</i>

Twilight Rendezvous

<i>Twilight Rendezvous</i>

Roamer of the Subterranean Forest

<i>Roamer of the Subterranean Forest</i>

Creatures of Synchronicity

<i>Creatures of Synchronicity</i>

Besides considerable artistic chops, Kehoe also has a great sense of humor. We highly recommend reading his “About” page for a couple of surreal origin stories. You can see more of Kehoe”s work on his website and blog, or keep up with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also purchase prints of his work on Etsy.