The Animal With The Most Impressive Tricks Isn’t A Dog…But A Cat

When you adopt a cat, you usually know what you”re getting. You”re going to be dealing with an animal that will generally ignore you and frustrate you for most of its life. That”s okay though. Cat lovers enjoy the independence that their feline friends have and respect that they aren”t completely dependent on their humans.

One thing that cat owners miss out on, though, is tricks. Dogs are known for their abilities to sit, roll over, jump, etc., at their human”s say-so. Well, it turns out dogs might not hold that distinction for long. Watch this cat pull off some pretty amazing tricks that will leave your jaw agape.

(source CATMANTOO)

It must take some incredible patience to train a cat to do those things. I know it takes some dogs a very long time to master “sit”…and this cat can flush a toilet. That”s damn impressive.

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