The 1st Photo Was Cool. But By The Last One, I Was Ready To Give My Life Savings To This Artist.

To create brilliant pieces of art, one artist named Javier Perez simply sketched around everyday objects. He transformed the mundane into something fantastical. You”ll be amazed when you see the world through his eyes.

A grape isn”t a grape… it”s a balloon

A grape isn

A nail isn”t a nail… it”s a hedgehog

A nail isn

A notebook isn”t a notebook… it”s a dinosaur.

A notebook isn

A penny isn”t a penny… it”s a person.

A penny isn

A flower isn”t a flower… it”s a record player.

A flower isn

A floppy disc isn”t a floppy disc… it”s a family.

A floppy disc isn

A paperclip isn”t a paperclip… it”s a trumpet.

A paperclip isn

An Oreo isn”t an Oreo… it”s the world.

An Oreo isn

I”ll never look at a grape the same way again.