Stevie The Cat Is Blind, But Today He Climbed A Mountain, And It’s Incredibly Inspiring

The animals in our lives teach us more than they probably know. They have no agenda for helping us realize something incredible, because they just love us the way we love them. Pets don”t have to deal with the human distractions that make us lose touch with the world around us, which is what makes them great teachers.

If you don”t believe me, just watch this inspiring video about Stevie, the blind cat who can scale mountains. Despite his impairment, he climbs with his friend and teaches him a thing or two about what it means to seize every opportunity, and to overcome any obstacles that get in the way.

(via Patrick Corr)

Thanks to Stevie and his grateful human companion, we”ve all learned to keep our heads up when all we want to do is quit.

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