Spring Has Sprung And That Means Flowers – That You Can Actually Eat

Spring is in the air! The seemingly eternal icicles are melting off of your roof, brown trees are turning green, and barren bushes have flower buds popping up every day. If you already have a little spring in your step, why not put some spring in your food, too? There are many flowers that are both pretty and edible. Whether you love lavender, prefer the light flavor of rose, or opt for elderberry, there”s a recipe for everyone in the list below. Which will you try first?

1. Cheese-Filled Squash Blossoms

Cheese-Filled Squash Blossoms

Not only do these appetizers look beautiful, but OMG so much cheese.

2. Rocky Road Rose Fudge

Rocky Road Rose Fudge

This recipe is totally organic and raw.

3. Chamomile Wine

Chamomile Wine

This drink is perfect for a spring brunch (or lunch…or dinner!).

4. Sweet Violet Syrup

Sweet Violet Syrup

Add this violet syrup to club soda, lemonade, cakes, or icings for a colorful and unique kick.

5. Tulip Ice Cream Bowls

Tulip Ice Cream Bowls

This is a pretty presentation your guests will never forget.

6. Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail

Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail

This cocktail is almost too pretty to drink!

7. Earl Grey Cake with Chocolate Lavender Icing

Earl Grey Cake with Chocolate Lavender Icing

Tea-flavored cake with lavender icing?! I”m trying this recipe ASAP.

8. Onion and Dandelion Ravioli

Onion and Dandelion Ravioli

And you thought the weeds in your yard were pesky! Dandelion greens are healthy and delicious.

9. Edible Flower Popsicles

Edible Flower Popsicles

These pretty pops are flavored with stevia and orange blossom water.

10. Elderflower Mojito Cocktail

Elderflower Mojito Cocktail

Mojitos are refreshing summer drinks: add a bit of elderflower for flavor and elegance.

11. Violet Macarons with Vanilla and Violet Buttercream Filling

Violet Macarons with Vanilla and Violet Buttercream Filling

Can”t get enough violet? This recipe is for you.

12. Syrenersaft-Lilac Cordial

Syrenersaft-Lilac Cordial

Although cordial usually refers to liqueur, this tasty drink is alcohol-free.

13. Lavender Honey Grilled Chicken

Lavender Honey Grilled Chicken

This chicken is encrusted with lavender blossoms and fresh ground pepper.

14. Strawberry Hibiscus Tea Lemonade

Strawberry Hibiscus Tea Lemonade

This pretty, floral, and fruity drink has me hankering for summer.

15. Blackberry Borage Fool

Blackberry Borage Fool

Borage flowers are hard to come by, but they”re said to have healing powers.

16. Lavender Rose Ice Cream

Lavender Rose Ice Cream

I”d be willing to bet that this DIY ice cream would taste great with a warm, gooey brownie.

17. Strawberry Elderflower Cake

Strawberry Elderflower Cake

This super-sweet cake gets a sour kick from vinegar in the icing and batter.

I”m drooling over the lavender and rose ice cream recipe. I love floral flavors in both food and drink, so I”m going to try each and every one of these before it gets cold again!