Something Was Launched Into Space Over The Perm Region Of Russia…But What?

You can see some strange, strange things in the sky over Russia. Maybe this is because Russia is a very big place, or maybe…just maybe…there”s something happening there that attracts UFO activity. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that parts of Russia seem to be a hotbed for UFO sightings.

The latest evidence of this is a strange, unexplained space launch that was witnessed by several people outside the city of Perm in central Russia. This amateur video shows a bright craft slowly streaking across the evening sky. A clear tail of exhaust can be seen behind the craft, which makes me believe it could be man-made, but not necessarily.

Check out the video below and decide for yourself…

(source: YouTube)

It certainly could be a UFO launch. However, I”m willing to concede that this object could very well be a new type of airplane, or maybe even a missile launch. That doesn”t make it any less freaky. The truth is out there, and I”m sure it”s strange.

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