Someone Updated These Wikipedia Pages With Fake, But Brutally Honest, Information

Anyone can update a Wikipedia page on any topic. People have made some hilariously inaccurate edits on the popular resource website thanks to this major feature. At the same time, the fact that anyone is able to edit can also cause the spread of misinformation. High-ranking Wikipedia editors try to catch these intentionally misleading “facts” on certain subjects, but they can”t catch them all.

Thankfully, we have these remaining screen captures of cheeky Wikipedia edits for our amusement. These edits might actually be more informative than the original articles.

(via EbaumsWorld)

If you were actually worried that this stuff went up on their website, you can relax. They are just jokes. Take a chill pill, because you don”t be so worried all the time. (That”s what the “chill pill” entry on Wikipedia said when I read it…)