Somehow, These 21 Ridiculous Ad Placements Actually Happened…OMG

You cannot go one minute on the internet without seeing a single ad. Unfortunately, for those who pay the big bucks to have their brand featured on a website, the combination of advertisement and the content it surrounds isn”t always harmonious. In fact, sometimes it”s just a disaster–albeit, a hilarious one.

These ads prove that placement is key. Actually, placement is everything in these situations. Sure, they”ll help spread word of the brand, but they really shouldn”t in these cases.

1. This is just wrong.

This is just wrong.

2. Cringe.


3. Oops!


4. Not cool, Cars Guide.

Not cool, Cars Guide.

5. I wish I could consciously uncouple this from my mind.

I wish I could consciously uncouple this from my mind.

6. Oof.


7. So much for the luck of the Irish.

So much for the luck of the Irish.

8. Excuse you, Mr. Wales!

Excuse you, Mr. Wales!

9. Noooo!


10. Bad, ad! Bad!

Bad, ad! Bad!

11. Ew!


12. Not cool.

Not cool.

13. Is that even legal?

Is that even legal?

14. Welp.


15. That”s unfortunate.


16. I can”t even.

I can

17. Wait–what?!


18. SMH.


19. C”mon, ad people.


20. Is no one checking these?

Is no one checking these?

21. What the duck?

What the duck?

(via eBaum”s World, Smosh)

Many of these are just so…I don”t even know what to say. All I can do is shake my head at whoever is in charge of making sure this didn”t happen. Assuming that job exists. If not, it seems like maybe it should.