Skip The Anger Management Classes. Your Life May Actually Depend On It.

Most people probably think that, by not expressing anger, they”ll live longer. (Or maybe they”ll avoid a stroke.) However, you don”t avoid any terrible health consequences by avoiding getting angry.

In fact, if you get mad, it could actually make you healthier.

1. Anger Makes You Optimistic

Anger Makes You Optimistic

When you”re stressing out, get a little angry. Studies show that this increases confidence, and even improves the quality of your work as your mind sharpens.

2. It Gets The Girls

It Gets The Girls

News flash. Chicks dig jerks. These guys tend to exhibit a dark triad of personality traitsnarcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism (manipulative). Scientists aren”t quite sure why (most of them just aren”t jerks) but they hypothesize that women might be more attracted to men with high testosterone, which can lead to these personality traits.

3. It Makes You Honest

It Makes You Honest

It simple. Anger increases your confidence. Confident people tend to tell the truth. Plus, when you”re angry, you”re less likely to care about the consequences of lying.

4. Anger Opens Your Mind.

Anger Opens Your Mind.

Oddly enough, people who vent their anger tend to be more open to viewing all their options with a fresh mind. They”re more likely to seek out opposing beliefs because they”re mad and want to prove you wrong. So basically, they learn in spite of themselves. Now if we could only get them to admit they”re wrong…

5. It Helps Relationships

It Helps Relationships

Expressing your anger can confirm to your partner that you care, and is often the only way to change a behavior that will otherwise lead to your dissolution. More importantly, studies show that those who suppress their anger are twice as likely to die early.

6. Anger Increases Creativity

Anger Increases Creativity

Angry people produce more unique ideas faster than people in any other type of emotional state. Scientists believe this is due the needed creativity when the cave man had his life on the line.

7. Anger (In Video Games) Reduces Crime

Anger (In Video Games) Reduces Crime

New research (contrary to age old advice) finds that violent video games can in fact lower violence. 80% of young males play violent video games, and the corresponding number of youth offenders has dropped by over half since 1994. In fact, one study actually found that the months that had the highest rates of violent game sales also had the lowest rates of crime. However, the same studies also show that youths tend to be less altruistic as a result.

8. Angry People Live Longer

Angry People Live Longer

The Spaniards tend to yell/vent their anger just a bit more than their English counterparts. They also tend to live 2 years longer on average. Coincidence? Medical journals think not.

9. Anger Can Help Your Career

Anger Can Help Your Career

Studies agree, angry men are paid more, while angry women are paid less. Anger that is released is healthy, as it relieves stress. However if these studies show anything, you should probably think twice before you start throwing a fit at the office.

10. (Real) Anger In Negotiation Helps

(Real) Anger In Negotiation Helps

Research shows that people are nervous around angry people. People thread carefully around an angry person and therefore you can make the person you”re haggling with if you get upset. Just make sure you know your audience, as this is only like to work with Americans and Europeans. Plus, if you fake it (and they notice), you”ll crash and burn.

(via Listverse)

You”ll have to excuse me now, I have to get mad at the mailman for losing my package from last week. Can”t get that bottled up anymore. Maybe I”ll head to the DMV next…