She Wrapped Ice Cream In Bread And Made Something Too Good To Be True

You”ve probably had some pretty amazing desserts before. You”ve probably also seen a lot of delicious dessert recipes before. But be prepared: this one might be the best. Ever.

This particular recipe takes a regular scoop of ice cream and brings it to the next level. Maybe you”re thinking, “But what”s better than ice cream? It”s so creamy and sweet already, what else does it need? Wouldn”t changing it up ruin what”s already good about it?”

Oh, ye of little faith…

(source celiskarlaenglish)

You should have seen that coming. After all, if you fry…well, pretty much anything, it is bound to be 100x better. And while this isn”t exactly what the doctor ordered, it”s definitely what your taste buds want!