She Was Shocked When A Stranger Handed A Note To Her 5-Year-Old Daughter

Starting school can be a frightening experience for any child. Thankfully, a complete stranger made it a bit less daunting for one little girl when he overheard her talking to her mother.

Five-year-old Ella Mitchell was sharing her first-day-of-school fears with her mother, Alaura Mae, on a Seattle bus. That”s when a stranger leaving the bus handed the little girl an inspirational note. His act of kindness ended up having a profound impact on Ella and her nervousness about school.

(source YouTube)

Having no clue who the kind man was behind this uplifting gesture, Alaura Mae took to social media with hopes that her thanks would reach the kind stranger. Let”s hope she”s able to find him and repay his kindness with more kindness.

According to King 5 News, the note read:

“When you practice letters enough, and the sounds they make, they”ll start to work together and make sense, and then you”ll be reading. When you can read, you”ll know what EVERYTHING says. All the signs, all the names, all the books, writing is EVERYWHERE if you look. Soon you”ll be able to read books, and everything there is to know is in them! You”ll be able to find out whatever you want! It probably won”t be easy, but it won”t be hard forever. It”s going to be so exciting! Good luck!”