She Was Just Taking Her Baby To The Doctor When She Got An Incredible Surprise

These mothers were on their way to a big milestone for their one-year-old child. They all travelled to a pediatrician”s office for their child”s first big routine check-up. Unbeknownst to them, their days were about to change in the best way after their appointments.

As each mother left the doctor”s office and walked down a hospital corridor, they were surprised by family photos, heartfelt messages, and some of their favorite things, all lovingly set up by their husbands. The whole event was the result of a beautiful ad campaign by Pampers.

(Source adsoftheworldvideos)

Just as the video states, “Baby”s first birthday is also mom”s first birthday.” This precious day is a huge milestone in a mother”s life, representing a year of little sleep, tons of feeding, and endless diaper changes. The date means little to a baby at that point, but it means the world to a parent.