She Was Just Minding Her Business…Til Her Owner Hilariously Interrupted Her

We”ve all experienced that awkward moment when someone walks in on us doing something we”d rather have kept…private. (We won”t go into specifics.)

That”s the shame in this adorable cat”s eyes when she”s caught on camera by her owner, innocently cleaning her toy. Her reaction is priceless.

She gives it a very thorough scrub.

She gives it a very thorough scrub.

“Oh…hi. I, uh, didn”t see you there.”

"Oh...hi. I, uh, didn

“Let me just…put this down…”

Watch all of the embarrassment…

(via 1313EbutUoy, The Dodo)

Just imagine how red her face would be if cats could blush. It”s okay, cutie, you don”t have to be ashamed.