She Was Filming Her Friend Surfing…Then Something Incredibly Freaky Happened

Surfers always have to worry about sharks when hitting the waves, but what about whales? Are the cutest mammals of the sea just as dangerous?

This girl found out that the local humpbacks in Santa Cruz aren”t as friendly as she thought. She was just floating on her surfboard, when two massive whales jumped out of the calm waters. The gigantic sea creatures tend to feed on smaller sea dwellers by lunging upwards with their mouths wide open. Unfortunately for the girl and some nearby kayakers, they happened to be fairly close to some fish and krill on the surface, and almost ended up as lunch.

(source BQN Barb)

If you ever see seagulls gathering above, you know something is about to happen and you”d better get out of there ASAP. You could also just do what I do and avoid the ocean like the plague!