She Thought She Lost Everything, But Then…Something Miraculous Happened

This elderly woman”s home was completely destroyed by a tornado in 2013. During an interview with CBS, she describes, possibly in a state of shock, the events of the disaster. She recalls being tossed about like a rag doll, rolling over the floor, and ending up under debris. She also relates, with a heavy heart, that there was no answer when she called for her dog.

The woman is surprisingly phlegmatic about the destruction of her home, saying it”s simply “life in the big city,” but the loss of her dog clearly weighs on her.

Suddenly, one of the news crew spots something in the rubble. The rest will make you tear up, as her beloved dog crawls out of the wreckage, visibly shaken but relatively unscathed.

(source Sky News)

Whatever became of this woman and her dog, we don”t know, but the reunion of the two is something that will definitely stick with you. I”m glad to see the both of them together, despite the terrible ordeal they went through.